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Special Offer for First Time Buyers

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So, you’ve never done business with us before?

Nortel Phone Systems Call Us Right Now!  Nortel or Avaya Legacy Phone Systems maintained and supported at all levels through our award-winning managed services premier support. 






Our 3 YEAR Platinum Level Service Agreementwith NO PAYMENT FOR 1 YEAR! 


Here is the offer…

What systems are covered under this offer?

-          Nortel CMS1000 Release 6 or lower to include Option 11c to Option 81c

-          Avaya Definity Release 9 or lower

-          Call Pilot X

What is covered in this 3 year support service?

Remember…You pay NOTHING in the first year with this 3 year contract for service level commitments for these services:

1.       Guaranteed Startup of Service in less than two weeks.

2.       Level  1, 2, and 3 Engineering Services. 

3.       True 24/7/365, highly responsive Call Center to serve your team’s outages and troubles and restoration requirements.

4.       Remote System Monitoring for alarm notification to anyone in your business.

5.       Automatic, no additional charge for PBX Switch Component replacement upon failure.

6.       The LOWEST price in the INDUSTRY for per maintenance support everyday all day.

7.       Moves, adds, and changes remotely when turnover occurs among your telephone users.

8.       Access to the entire library for any legacy patch or upgrade at your disposal to guarantee you against any problem at the OEM level of support for your end-of-life PBX System.

Why is this so valuable to your organization?

1.       Because we enable you to focus on your business not your systems

2.       Because we can assure your uptime and provide preventative maintenance without you having to worry.

3.       Because we can provide a process for restoration of services that is as quick as possible given any point of failure in the business.

4.       Because we have the certified engineers on staff with the experience to move rapidly on your behalf.

5.       Ensure that you can continue to maintain your phone system for longer; saving money, extending the time to replace for the life of the service agreement, and free up resources to focus on more critical needs of your IT strategy.

All we need 5 simple answers:

-          A call placed to us to provide us with this easy to access information:

1.       How many telephones you have today in use per physical location (Estimate it if you don’t know exactly)

2.       How many locations you have physically.

3.       Do you backup your voicemail data today?

4.       How you handle this need today.

5.       How many voice mail boxes you have today.

How can you go wrong using Signet6’s ONE TIME OFFER!

That’s right!  Fix your cost of maintenance for a flat amount for 3 years with no payments for 12 months.  This offer is only to new accounts.    You have to call us Today, 800.324.8887.  We can provide you a price quote right now!  I can make this quick, easy, and affordable for your business.  Call us right now so we can get started!  You have to call us to take advantage of this offer RIGHT NOW!  I’m ready to get you started and help you take advantage of the MOST UNIQUE OFFER IN OUR INDUSTRY.  Seriously!

We guarantee that you can’t manage your network at a price lower than us and get the type of benefit that we provide every day, around the world, to all of our customers.  Don’t miss this offer by not contacting us.  It is worth 10 minutes to learn how you can get support for an end of life IT Asset Today!


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