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Public Sector

Managed Telecommunication Services for the Government

Nortel & Avaya Enterprise Telephone Systems

Our Service Level Management is expertly trained on hosted applications and services. They work with clients and their vendors to keep operations running smoothly.

With our knowledge base, product smarts, and built-in corporate trust, we can propose a solution that will deliver 24/7.

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Current government contracts we hold:

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Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) 70
GSA Contract Number: GS-35F-414BA
GSA Contract Period: June 20, 2014 to June 19, 2019
Eligible Agencies: All U.S. Federal agencies and State and Local agencies as authorized.
Special Item Number (SIN) awarded: Special Item No. 132-12 Maintenance of Equipment, Repair Services and/ or Repair/ Spare Parts
SIN 132-12STLOC (Cooperative Purchasing)


CSC Network Engineering Specialist
"Over the seven years I have worked with Signet6 they have consistently provided timely response to our customer needs. They have worked on projects spanning the entire country and have provided … read more
Waste Management IT Voice Director
"...Signet6's ability to service multi-platform systems nationwide has made you uniquely valuable to us..."