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Converged Network Systems

Network management can no longer be reactive.

Converged Network SystemsToday's technology means larger data files and increasingly rich content. Be it texting, web searches, or video conferences, downloads and streaming media often compromise band width and speed.

Network convergence unites telephone, video, and data communications within a single framework. The main benefit is a powerful infrastructure that's flexible and easier to assess and maintain.

From a technical standpoint, a converged view expands the scope and visibility of the system. Maintenance and fault management can be proactive to meet the needs of a real-time world.

Signet6 has the expertise to unlock multiple networks running on diverse manufacturer devices. We can integrate powerful solutions with legacy systems and partner with your network management and IT teams to implement quickly without losing productivity.

Whether it's a significant turnover or a software upgrade, we'll be there with engineers certified for Tier 3 support in Avaya and Nortel networks. We have service plans that give you access to our engineers and technicians 24/7, either on-site or through a secured remote connection.

As we move in a world of real-time applications, speed and efficiency is tantamount to your business process. Because if information can't be accessed, or call centers don't function, then product won't move.

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"...Signet6's ability to service multi-platform systems nationwide has made you uniquely valuable to us..."
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"Over the seven years I have worked with Signet6 they have consistently provided timely response to our customer needs. They have worked on projects spanning the entire country and have provided … read more