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Six Sigma

Early Adopter of Six Sigma Practices in IT Service Delivery

None of your other suppliers have understood, implemented and practiced Six Sigma in their day to day operations like Signet6. This translates to large opportunities for the service organization that can deliver services utilizing optimal processes to a) minimize service delivery variance, B) raise quality of service, C) speed service delivery and D) maintain the lowest cost of service delivery.

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IT Service Delivery

Lowest Cost of Service Delivery

No other provider of managed service solutions has a lower cost of service delivery. Because of our proprietary processes developed and refined since 1991, the result has been very effective and streamlined operations yielding what we truly believe is the lowest cost of service delivery possible and we work on improvements every day. Let us prove it to you.

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International IT support solutions

International IT support solutions for multi-vendor networks

Signet6 is the one service company solution to support managed services comprised of multi-vendor platforms across N America, EMEA, CALA, and APAC. One price, one level of service, one service center to contact, one billing, one set of comprehensive IT management reports and ONE THROAT TO CHOKE!

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Lowest wholesale discounted IT service

Lowest Wholesale Discounted Service to Leading IT Managed Service Providers

Two decades of experience providing the largest international managed service and outsourcing companies the wholesale support services for delivery to their customers.

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Best IT Service

Highest Service Awards from IT Equipment Manufacturers

IT HelpSignet6 has won numerous awards over the years from I.T. industry leaders including Ericsson, Lucent, Avaya, Nortel and many more. Our team members are certified OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer, or Tier 3 Support), which means we can address the highest level of technical care.

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Defense Contractors

Highest service awards with defense contractors

No other IT service company has higher levels of awards for design, engineering, maintenance services of voice networks, year after year after year. You can’t delay utilizing our award winning services – Call Today!

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Network Support

Supporting the world’s most critical networks

US Navy, US Army, US Air Force, US Marine Corp, and select government organizations all rely on the Signet6 to provide advanced voice network support services for hundreds of thousands of US military personnel and critical operations throughout the world. Signet6 provides that same level of support for international networks in banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, education, energy, and IT service providers. Call Today to get started with a Support Solution from Signet6.

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Waste Management IT Voice Director
"...Signet6's ability to service multi-platform systems nationwide has made you uniquely valuable to us..."
CSC Network Engineering Specialist
"Over the seven years I have worked with Signet6 they have consistently provided timely response to our customer needs. They have worked on projects spanning the entire country and have provided … read more