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Our Service Methodology

Six Sigma MethodologyOur philosophy is in our name.

Six Sigma started as an engineering management process to improve quality control, eliminate defects, and fine tune statistical analysis.

Created by Motorola in the 1980’s, its international success lies in a company-wide commitment that defies department structure and builds extraordinary models to deliver better-designed solutions.

As applied to Signet6, the results are the highest quality technical support and managed services available. From top management to “role holders” who guide and direct, Signet6 conducts process capability studies for clients that commit to vigorous, results-oriented implementation.

Six Sigma certification means better designed solutions, faster services, and lower costs. SIgnet6 joins with Allied Signal, Ford, Sony, Texas Instruments, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, and thousands of companies internationally to follow this innovative, demanding model. These companies are more effective and efficient with the implementation of each Six Sigma project.

With our track record of emergency response successes, and clients from Fortune 500 companies, the Federal Government, and the US military, our commitment is to laser-point excellence. Whether working as a strategic outsourcing partner, implementing network systems, or providing critical support, the results for telecom departments are better designed solutions.


Waste Management IT Voice Director
"...Signet6's ability to service multi-platform systems nationwide has made you uniquely valuable to us..."
CSC Network Engineering Specialist
"Over the seven years I have worked with Signet6 they have consistently provided timely response to our customer needs. They have worked on projects spanning the entire country and have provided … read more